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Barsi in London

23rd Barsi of Bhagat Puran Singh Ji

Successful 23rd Barsi of Bhagat Puran Singh Ji commemorated by Pingalwara UK at Singh Sabha London East.

Jagraj Singh Sran President shared the work being carried out and thanked the Sangat for their generous donations that were presented to him by Tarsem Singh President of SIngh Sabha London East and his team in the amount of £5000.00.

Dr Gurdip Singh Jagbir was one of the guest speakers who gave an inspiring speech on Bhagat Puran Singh Ji alongside Sarangi Master Jatinder Singh Shergill whereby Simran and seva was greatly appreciated by the Sangat.

Upkar Singh Rai shared the need to educate our youth on current and future generations to enable good work being done by Charities and Bapu Surat Singh Ji`s work was shared with an appeal to support a debate in British Parliament for Bapu Ji and Sikh political prisoners.

An Exhibition and a bookstall was displayed on the work on of Pingalwara Amritsar and a digital presentation ran in 3 locations of the Gurdawara.

Sikh channel and Akaal channel covered the event which will be aired live this week alongside the film Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe. Furthermore, recognition was given to a child from Pingalwara called Dolly who has won 2 bronze medals in the Special Olyimpic games that were carried out in Los Angles this year.