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B.P.S.A School, Manawala, Amritsar

Bhagat Puran Singh Adrash School , Manawala Amritsar

Academic  Achievements of 2016

Glorious Achievement in Class 10th by Bhagat Puran Singh Adarsh Senior Sec School – A joint project of pingalwara Society of Ontario canada & All India Pingalwara Charitable Society,

Dilpreet Kaur(center) stood merit in manawala school, Manpreet kaur (left) stood second position and Sandeep kaur (right) stood third position in class

Principal – S.Gurdev Singh

Total strength of students–  734

No. of Teachers-  33

Administrative structure –  Affiliated with P.S.E.B, Mohali, upto 10+2    level.  School functions under the aegis of All  India Pingalwara Charitable Society (Regd.) Amritsar. School administered and supervised by Educational Advisory committee headed by S.Gurnaib Singh.

Class Rooms – 29

Other rooms – 13

Play Ground- 99 mt.71 mt. (kho-kho ground , volley ball ground, athletics  ground ,basket ball ground).

Nature of students – (1) Hostlers (Pingalwara students)

(2) other than Pingalwara students- Girls& boys, Urban & Rural, Slum area, deprived section of society, migrating labour wards, socially and economically backward students are given admission.

Laboratories – well equipped Laboratories

Computer – computer lab . equipped with 17  computers and 01 LCD exists for giving practical training to the students.

Music – Music room equipped with music instrument is available for music teaching.

Art- separate room for Art & craft exists in the school .

Teaching Aids – blackboard , chart model ,computer, LCD

Facilities – our mission is to impart quality education to the poor and needy students . No fee is charged from the students .Bus facility is provided free of cost , free books are provided to the students .Mid- day meal is also provided to the students. Uniforms and shoes are also provided to the needy  students  free of cost .

Achievements , session –  2014- 2015

Co- Curricular activities– Every year , Co. Curricular competitions are organized by P.S.E.B Mohali. Last year these competitions were held in Aug 2014.  Vineeta kumari stood 1st in the district in declamation contest. In Solo Dance compepition ,Sukhmani stood 3rd in the district. Jasmeen kaur got 1st position in the district in calligraphy. Onkar Singh got 2nd position in the district in painting competition. Health & Family  Welfare Community Health Centre Manawala Organised a drawing & painting competition on the topic female – feticide in which our student Jaskarandeep singh got 2nd  position.

Science Fair-In science fair competitions held at tehsil level , Dilpreet kaur made a model of Bio- gas plant and got 1st prize. Manpreet kaur made a model of transportation in future – age and got 1st prize. Robinpreet kaur presented a model of organic farming and got 3rd prize.

Sports achievement – Sports competitions were organized by P.S.E.B Sports Department. Our school Kho – Kho (boys U-16 age group)team  got first rank at Block level. Kho- Kho(girls under 16 age group) team got 1st rank and Kho – kho (girls U- 16) got 2nd rank.

In Athletics competitions, Satya (a hostel girl) got 1st prize in long jump and Navjot Kaur (a hostel girl ) got 2nd prize in 100 m race at district level and both the players participated at State level also.

Unified games – Every year  a colourful cultural programme is presented by the students on the eve of Barsi of Bhagat Puran singh Ji. Theme oriented programmes are presented to create a healthy public opinion against social evils like dowry system, female foeticide, drug addiction ,corruption  and problems related to pollution etc.

Scout & Girl Guide –Our students joined scout training camp held at Khalsa college  organized by Bharat scout & guide.

Cultural Exchange Programme– Principal S. Gurdev Singh ji visited one of Toronto Education Board Elementary school and learnt about Education system of Canada. This school visit was organized by Bibi Avinash kaur, President Pingalwara Society of Ontario and S.Manohar Singh Bal , one of the members of Society.

Teachers come from abroad to visit our school also and they interact with the teachers and students of the School . Such interactions are helpful in cultural exchange.

Educational Seminar:  Teachers’ orientation training is conducted for the better performance & efficiency of teachers.

Conclusion : In conclusion, we can say that  with the grace and blessings of Bhagat Puran Singh ji and with humble efforts of Dr. Bibi Inderjit Kaur ji, the school has been running successfully for the upliftment of downtrodden and deprived section of society. Hard working staff of this institution is trying their best efforts to fulfill the dream of Bhagat ji to educate the poor and needy people under the able guidance of Dr. Bibi Inderjit Kaur ji.


Achievements Of The Special School Manawal Since Three Months

  1. The exhibition was held in the front of Mata Mehtab Kaur Meating Hall on dated 3rd and 4th September 2016 by the special students on the occasion of the conference of “Sachiar Manukh Di Gharat”.
  2. The six special players went for athletics trails held at patiala on dated 17th 2016 to 19th sep. 2016.Shallu was slected for NCCC compition and athletic championship slection for 2019th world summer games.
  3. National championship and compition of Softball(Baseball) held at Orrisa dated 22nd 2016 to 30th sep.2016.our two special athletes(Sachin and Babu Ram) participated and won gold madels.
  4. 30th 2016 went for compition of culturel programme at Virsa Vihar Amritsar and our special students were honoured with 1500 rs. And shawls
  5. The 19th Punjab state special olypics held at lovely professional university jalandhar dated 7th Oct 2016 to 9th Oct 2016. 33 special players and 4 coaches and 2 special coaches from G.N.D.U. Amritsar participated in different games e.g.200 m.t. run, 100m.t. run, shotput, football, basketball,100 m.t.,50 m.t.,25 m.t. walk, softball throw, athletes participated in higher ability and lower ability.Total they won 50 madels(23 gold madels, 11 silver madels and 16 bronze madels).
  6. The prize distibition function was held at Mata Mehtab Kaur Hall, Manawala Comlex of special school. Dr.Inderjit Kaur blessed the students.
  7. Shallu was slected in athletic trail at patial for NCCC Compition for athletic at jaipur dated 22nd to 27th oct. 2016. She won silver madel in shotput and bronz madel in 100m.t. run.
  8. Deepawali exhibition cum sale articals made by special childrens at All India Pingalwara Charitable Society main office dated on 29th to 30th oct.2016.
  9. NCCC Compition and championship of football held at Guhwati(Assam) dated 13th2016 to 19th nov.2016.the participated athletes(Mukhlal,Nikku Raja)and won bronze madels.
  10. padmini Srivastav delivered short lecture to the staff members about “Madras Developmental programming Scale” on dated 19th nov.2016.
  11. Srijan smriti sangam at mata mehtab kaur meating hall on dated 26th2016 to.27th nov. 2016 attended by mrs. Padmini Srivastav and mrs. Dalbir Kaur.
  12. Second preparatory camp for floorball and floor hockey held at Jamshedpur dated 10th2016 to 19th dec.2016.