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Diwali celebration at Pingalwara

Exibition on Diwali celebration at Pingalwara

On 18th October ,2017 on the eve of Diwali, Pingalwara turst for child care organized the exhibition of hand made crafts in front of main office near bus stop. In this exhibition the already running center MUR VSEBA are presenting the hand made clothes , Jute bags , soft toys, blankets and so many others items made by the kids of the pingalwara.
Pingalwara kids make hand made candles, dias and paper flowers which are looking very attractive and beautiful. These types of efforts and activities of crafts build their confidence to do for their own. This makes them independent for money perspective and build the internal confidence that they are also capable like others. Their disabilities don’t come in between their dreams.
Dr. Inderjeet Kaur said that she encourages pingalwara kids and give them support for these kinds of activities and provide them teaching classes for stitching and crafts work. So, that they feel like they are also equal in the society and learn much more things. She also requests people that they come to see this exhibition and motivate the kids of pingalwara. In this function our General Sectary S. Mukhtiyar Singh, Karnal Singh Bawa and Tilak Raj our General Manager also participated and motivate the kids of pingalwara.