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pakIn May 2007, Pakistan repatriated some Indians personnel languishing in Pakistani Jails for many years. They entered their homeland from Wagha Border Amritsar, and were handed over to Amritsar Administration for their care and further rehabilitation. Civil administration requested Pingalwara to keep them till alternative arrangements are made to house them. However they continued to stay in Pingalwara for more than a month along with the police personal. Five of them had arrived in a very deplorable state of physical and mental condition and as such were unable to recall even their names and could not tell their addresses.

Seeing their pitiable condition and the inability of the policemen to
help these patients, Dr. Inderjit Kaur, President Pingalwara Amritsar took over the responsibility of looking after them.
It was apparent that they were tortured very badly in Pakistani jails resulting in their mental disorientation and traumatic condition. After thorough physical examination, they were put on Psychiatric treatment. Frail looking PRABHU DAYAL was one of them. Initially he just stared blankly into open space and never uttered a word. Only at times, he would give a flickering smile. After a few months of treatment, regular walks, therapy and care, he started speaking a few words. Thereafter, his improvement became faster. One day he said that he belonged to the village Khirabad of Distt. Kanpur but still he was not very sure of the location of his village. The treatment and counseling continued, when one fine day he said that he was very sure that his Village is Fatehabad and not Khairabad as mentioned earlier.
He was escorted by Pingalwara Sewadars to his village and right enough he guided the sewadar to his house and identified his relations and brothers.
His brothers said that in 1985, he had lost his mental balance and soon thereafter had disappeared. An FIR was lodged with the local Police Station about his disappearance.
PRABHU DAYAL has two brothers who are married. He himself was married but due to his long absence of 22 years his wife had married again but unfortunately she also had passed away.
Prabhu was welcomed by his brothers and relatives. After 22 years of torture and deprivation Pingalwara could bring a flickering smile to his as well as his family face.