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A walk in the woods Sunder Lal Bahuguna
Automobiles Sukumar Sah`
Afforestation – the crying need of the hour Shankar Ranganathan
Controlling Floods Mira Behn (Miss Slade)
Destruction in name of Progress (Environmental Impasse) Vice Admiral PM Awati PMVS, Vrc
Decreased Water Supply Richard B. Gregg.
Environmentalists- Tap Vidic Wisdom Shanta Chatterji
Ecological Crisis – Leave the Wilderness alone Sisir Kumar Ghose
Environmental and Social Cost Shankar Ranganathan
Fatal Flaws in Agriculture and Irrigation Planning Partap Singh
Firewood in Cities… Dimensions of the Trade Anil Agarwal & Bhubanesh Bhatt
Himalaya in Danger- Importance of Trees Prem Shankar Jha/Dafar Futahally
Himalaya – From Disaster to Survival Sunder Lal Bahuguna
Industrialization : The Darker side Anil Agarwal & Darryl D’Montie
Mahatma Gandhi on Human Environment A.L. Narula
Man against Nature Madhu Rajan
Not Motor Car but Bicycle Dr. Rashmi Mayur
Not too late Afforestation for survival G.S. Ranganathan
Our Man made Disasters Bharat Dogra
Population: The neglected factor and relevant Forestry Shankar Ranganathan
Role of water in rise and fall of empires Nishi Sinha
Road to Survival William Vogt
Saving our fragile planet Edward Edelson
Save Himalaya, Soil, Water and pure Air Sunder Lal Bahuguna
These woods were lovely, dark and deep Bharat Dogra
The Green Revolution Ravi Sharma
We pay to Poison Ourselves Kalpana Sharma
What the trees mean to the Villages Chipko-Chipko-Chipko Sunder Lal Bahuguna
Will India Become Another Sahara? Shankar Ranganathan

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