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How Nilima feels about Deaf School of Pingalwara

How Nilima feels about Deaf School of Pingalwara

How Nilima Sabhawal Chairperson of Home of Hope (HOH) feels about Deaf School of Pingalwara on her visit

A lot of kids are now coming to PINGALWARA ,who have multiple disabilities ,including Mental Retardation . These kids were abused by their parents because they thought it was God’s wrath that brought these kids to their family. It broke my heart to see some of these kids. But their story was very inspiring.

JEEVAN JYOTI is blind and hearing impaired. She is 12 yrs old, wears a diaper and was a vegetable. Under the care of special trained teacher …in just a month she is toilet trained. I met her in the play ground where she was happily swinging on a swing.


All these kids are barely 4 yrs old. They are blessed compared to the older kids because they are given the gift of SIGN LANGUAGE at an early age.

Sahraj ..has no ears ..from a very poor family ..he came 7 months ago and had ZERO response. Today he is playful, happy and responsive. The theme of this class is for these kids to just OPEN. There is no emphasis on studies … They are given the opportunity to express themselves.

4 yr old Vishal was made to just stand in a corner and was beaten by his dad and mom. He was NOT responsive.. but within a few months started expressing himself.

Harpreet …is also opening up and is making good sign language conversation.

I loved this class of adorable tiny tots …. The SIGN LANGUAGE AMBASSADORS OF THE FUTURE …bless them.

A documentary film is being made about this amazing saint who started his SEVA journey at age22 yrs. He begged with a begging bowl, and a handicapped boy ( pyare ) on his back. He is the epitome of selfless SEVA. Little did he know that his vision would become an EMPIRE OF SEVA.

PINGALWARA gets visitors now from all over the world.

Students from Finland are coming regularly.

In Dr. Inderjit kaurs words … ” we are flooded with volunteers. PINGALWARA is getting a lot of recognition from Punjab. Whatever project we start ..we get generous donations “

I agree PINGALWARA is truly blessed. It is like a piece of heaven on earth. The energy is so divine. Every volunteer and teacher I met had unconditional love inside them. HOH is very blessed to have played such a major role in the success of PINGALWARA.

God bless us all