Why Kirti Mela?

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th birthday is being celebrated all over the world. Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji are the pillars of Sikhism. These teachings are Kirat Karo (work hard for your earnings), Naam Japo (always remember God), Vand Chakko (share your earning with needy).

Now we have technology and machines so handmade crafts and art crafts are eloping day by day causing unemployment, intoxication especially among youth and because of that people are suffering from many diseases. Sri Guru Ram Das Ji invited artisan from far away places while founding Amritsar City. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave immense respect to Bhai Lalo Ji who was a carpenter and he himself ploughed the fields at Kartarpur in his old age.

Bhagat Ji’s Message

““Our country can be saved only if we base our life on the truth and live a simple life. No one should infringe upon anyone else’s right . Living a life with compassion and tolerance we should start using the articles made by our craftsmen and artisans. Coarse hand woven cotton cloth, shoes made by hand, brass and iron utensils should become a part of our life.”


Special Documentary Movie on Pingalwara

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