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Natural Farming

Zero Budget Natural Farming

Pingalwara has set up its own Zero Budget Natural Farm at Dheerekot near Jandiala Guru, Amirtsar and at village Bangawali in Distt Sangrur. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide has manifested itself in Cancer, female fetal loss, adverse effects on reproductive health. These farms are demonstration farms where cultivation is done without use of any pesticide. Results of Zero Budget Cultivation can be seen in these farms. The production in this farm has doubled after adopting this technique. The farm at Dheerekot has got so popular that each day group of farmers, Agro scientists and research workers visit this farm. Pingalwara also organizes Zero Budget Natural Farming Workshop at regular intervals to educate the farmers on this technique. The work at this farm got so much of prominence in the media that President OBAMA of USA during his scheduled visit to India in 2010 had planned to visit farm, which however could not fructify due to reasons unknown. However, preliminarily teams from President White House and team from US Embassy had carried out familiarization and security survey of the Dheerekot Farm and Manawala Complex.

Pingalwara has started a silent and constructive revolution to save the environment, to regenerate farmer – friendly micro organism, to bring back soil productivity, to re-establish ecological balance by practically doing Natural Farming in its 32 Acre Farm. In this farm cultivation is done without resorting to any type of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Pingalwara truly believes and preaches against the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in farming which have totally destroyed the fertility and productivity of the soil and has been the cause of dreaded disease like cancer, organ deformity, mental retardation, diabetes etc. Due to following the practice of Natural Farming, the soil in Pingalwara Farm has been regenerated and rejuvenated and yield of any crop is as good as and even better than the yield achieved with the help of chemical fertilizers. Bhagat Puran Singh truly believed in the famous verses from holy Sikh scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib ‘Pavan Guru Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Maht’ (air is guru, water is father and the earth is mother.) This belief of Bhagat Puran Singh can be seen in practical shape at Bhagat Puran Singh Natural Farm of Pingalwara. This cultivation has proved to be more healthier for the soil, more eco-friendly, less expensive i.e. (almost zero Budget) and most of all less toxic to the ground water, resulting in saving of the humanity from the dreadful diseases.