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Brief on Pingalwara’s Present Strength


Pingalwara is a home for disabled, handicapped, crippled, insane, mentally retarded, orphan, aged and persons suffering from incurable and terminal diseases.

At present there are over 1700 patients which are destitutes and most of them are going to spend their entire life in Pingalwara. Pingalwara has total of 7 branches. Pingalwara also runs various schools for poor and needy, normal children, mentally retarded children and deaf children. Pingalwara also has a Prosthetic Centre, Physiotherapy Centre, Dental Centre, ENT Centre, Operation Theatre, Ultrasound Centre and fully equipped Dispensary.

Details of Residents with Pingalwara and its various Branches are as given below:

Pingalwara Residents

present strength


branch wise strength pingalwara