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S. Pinderpal Singh Ji (Kathavachak) visited Pingalwara

Renowned Gurbani Preacher (Kathavachak) S. PinderpalSingh Ji visited Pingalwara on 25 Jan., 2014

The renowned Gurbani Parcharak and Kathavachak S.PinderpalSingh Ji visited Pingalwara Main Complex on 25 Jan., 2014. On arrival, he was received warmly by Dr. Inderjit Kaur and other members of the society. He was deeply impressed with the various activities, which are being undertaken by the Pingalwara. He went around the children ward and emotionally commented that Pingalwara is truly a place where waheguru resides and is the laboratory where teachings of Gurbani are being practiced. He said that though this is his second visit to Pingalwara but everytime he witnesses new developments in the activities of Pingalwara.