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Visit of Premier Greg Selinger

Visit of premier greg selinger of manitoba canada dated 01.02.2013

Canadian State of Manitoba Premier GREG SELINGER visited Manawala Complex of Pingalwara. On arrival he was received by Dr. Inderjit Kaur President and other members of Pingalwara Society and Administrator Col. Darshan Singh Bawa. Children of Special School welcomed the dignitaries by offering bouquet. He was briefed in detail by Dr. Inderjit Kaur about the entire activities of Pingalwara.

He also commented that he is fully aware that Bhagat Puran Singh the epitome of selfless service had founded this institution in 1947 and Dr. Inderjit Kaur had taken over the mantle of this institution since 1992. He is greatly influenced by the same and wanted to see for himself the facilities of Pingalwara.

He went around all the Patients wards, schools and Medical Centres and appreciated the great work which is being undertaken by Pingalwara. He commented that Pingalwara is doing yeomen service for the humanity. He also commented that he is extremely happy to see the smiling faces of all the residents. He said that though Manitoba is a very small state yet around 25,000 Punjabi population has settled there.

He was also explained that Pingalwara is also doing Natural Farming where Zero Budget Cultivation is done without use of any Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers.

He was accompanied by Mr. Mohinder Saran the only Indo-Canadian of Punjabi origin in Manitoba Assembly and some prominent members of ruling new democratic party including S. Kulwivnder Toor and Scot Slessor Counsel General of Canada at Chandigarh. Prime Minister was so impressed with the facilities at various wards that he announced a donation of Canadian Dollar 50,000 on behalf of Govt. of Manitoba Canada.